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Batata Wada ( 2 Piece)
Veg Cutlet ( 2 Piece)
Corn Patice ( 2 Piece)
Green Patice ( 2 Piece)
Bread Roll ( 2 Piece)
Punjabi Samosa ( 2 Piece)
Idli Chatni / Sambar ( 4 Piece)
Choole Tikki ( 2 Piece)
Sandwiches ( 1 Piece)
Allu Paratha ( 1 Piece)
Methi Paratha ( 1 Piece)
Pav Bhaji ( 1 plate)
Puri Bhaji ( 1 Plate)
Kande Pohe(1 Plate)
Upma (1 Plate)
Sweet Sheera ( 1 Plate)
Dhabali Pav ( 2 Piece)
Wada pav (2 Piece)
Choole Bhature ( 1 Plate)
Chatpata Bhel ( 1 Plate)
Sev Puri (1 Plate)
Ragada Patice ( 1 Plate)
Veg Burger ( 1 Piece)
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