Because your occasion should be nothing less then unforgettable

Malhotra Caterers has been the leader in area for its creative cuisine, capitol style and competitive pricing. Our Event Design Team can assist you with every aspect of your event to ensure it is a smashing success. We take care of all the details, from preparation to clean up. Our prices are disclosed up front in your event contract, and we do not impose hidden charges. Our team of highly qualified professionals will make any event a pleasure. From Home warming party to birthday, or anything in between, Malhotra Caterers is your best choice. Our food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality. All meals are prepared under the guidance of one of our Executive Chef Mrs Neha Malhotra.

Our menu items are prepared with a passion for perfection, and your guests will be raving about the wonderful food for days to come. New dishes are being added regularly to our menu which has been developed over the past two decades. We serve traditional, elegant fare, with a contemporary flair! We believe that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting these needs with a variety of offerings to choose from..

We offer catering services for birthday, anniversaries, private dinner parties, Corporate events, company dinners, business lunches, corporate hospitality, product launches - Tiffin’s & Breakfasts at the venue of your choice .. Our food is cooked and packed in our own specially designed healthy kitchen.

Its not only our services, but our passion for food. The ingredients that we use are of the finest quality, be it flour or dal. Best quality of all ingredients of food are carefully weighed and cooked as per our own delicious recopiesour. We currently offer catering services to corporate offices all over Thane. We can host your party in your premises/party hall banquet hall etc. We repeat any menu item minimum after weeks so you will never get bored eating the same menu .We believe in customizing the meals so that you are not bored of just regular chapatti Bhaji.

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